Carbon monoxide gas detectors

WPDL/CA3 detectors are suited for all industrial and tertiary applications where the detection of low concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO) is needed.

WPDL/CA3 detectors are particularly indicated for carbon monoxide (CO) detection in car parks and garages.

The CA3 replaceable plug-in sensor module fitted inside the B20- WPDL/CA3 detectors is equipped with an high quality and high- precision electrochemical cell combined with an industrial type electronic control circuit which
guarantees a fast and reliable maintenance of plants.

The CA3 replaceable sensor module has a typical operating life of 5 years. The detector counts the working time of the module and advises in advance the need to replace the sensor module by means of a blue led blinking.

The wide supply voltage range (10 + 30 Vdc) allows the detector to be used with both 12V and 24V control units.

The solid IP55 enclosure protects the detector agains dust and water.