The IRON / CO2 carbon dioxide detectors use a professional infrared sensor and are designed to be connected to analytic control panels with 4÷20 mA inputs (like MODULA 4 and MODULA 8) or to digital control panels via RS485 serial connection (like MODULA 40 and MODULA 128).

IRON detectors are suitable for use in industrial, commercial environments and in all those places where a leak or an abnormal concentration of CO2 carbon dioxide can constitute a danger to people or a deterioration of things.

In particular, these detectors are suitable for CO2 detection in mineral water bottling industries, purifiers, mixing and fermentation plants, farms, cellars, greenhouses for plants and flowers.

The aluminium alloy container makes the detector particularly suitable for environments with strong chemical aggression, including marine aggression, giving it high mechanical resistance.

Thanks to the high selectivity, the IRON / CO2 detectors are resistant to non-combustible gases or vapours often present in industrial environments.